Billing Cycle has been running for 1 Day

Good morning all, :slight_smile:

I am using the docker version of Bill Run. I have in my billrun instance :
3 calling products
1 calling service
1 calling plan
2 two customers with subscriber

I would generate an invoice through the billing cycle menu. but after selecting a cycle and clicking the Run button. The status of the cycle remains in running and Completion percentage hold too 50%. I’ve been waiting for 48 hours.

How can i stop this or cancel this operation ?


Hello Tnk,

The most common cause for this type of error is a mistake in the plan’s configuration.
You can try checking the debug.log files for any errors.
The logs are found in the main project folder in a folder titled “logs”, over there you will have a folder with the name of your environment which will have the debug.log.