BillRun does not work with php 8

When running billrun-php8 docker compose file i become the error: Failed opening controller script /billrun/application/controllers/Api.php: Success
I previously received the following error message: PHP Fatal error: Declaration of ApiController::render($tpl, ?array $parameters = null) must be compatible with Yaf_Controller_Abstract::render(string $tpl, array $parameters = NULL): string|bool|null in /billrun/application/controllers/Api.php on line 171"
Therefore I have made the following changes:
protected function render(string $tpl, array $parameters = null) {
$ret = parent::render(string $tpl, array $parameters);

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Maybe you can do a pull request

But, but looks like they have done no work on it in a year,

The connection now works with PHP8. The problem was with the yaf version. I am currently using yaf 3.3.0. However, I sometimes get Internal error raised. How to improve the exception to know more about the actual error?


Please try to use customer_portal_php8 branch.


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