Billrun on CentOS - PHP-FPM Configuration

HI, any unique details used for the PHP-FPM Configuration ?

user = <billrun_user>
group = <httpd_group>

I changed it to
user = root
group = root

Ran the command $ php -i | grep save_path
and got the response
session.save_path => no value => no value

Please review and advise

Hey @chijioke,

We suggest changing the users and groups to a specific billrun user that is assigned to the billrun application and has access to all its directories.

Regarding the session.save_path We suggest to set it up in a location that have enough storage space for the amount of web/API traffic you`ll have, you can set it in php.ini configuration file (normally under /etc/ or /etc/php/).

Hope this will help,