Can't Install Invoicing Tools using wkhtmltox

My OS is Debian 10. When I run command :“sudo apt install -y /tmp/wkhtmltox_0.12.5-1.bionic_amd64.deb poppler-utils”. I get error in the image. How can I fix it or using a different depend FOR install invoice tool.

You could do something like that using “yum” in CentOS, but not Debian.

In Debian you have to use “dpkg”

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Hi @KNERD ,How to connect billrun to pbx and vice versa

BillRun does not function as a Session Border Controller. Just a billing system. I am not expert with this, but there about three methods for billing. Upload CDRs to BillRun, some sort of API which will do live billing, and some other method which I forget. It’s all in the docs.

If you need something which will act more of an SBC which will cut them off for non payment, then look at ASTPP Billing. They have open source community version, and Enterprise version.

There are a couple of more out there like SipWise and OneBill which uses Kazoo.

Do you know any application similar to ASTPP?

Man, I listed two more after the fact