CentOS 7 install documentation seriosuly outdated

Lot of updates need to be done on the documentation. I have run into many issues, but managed to get around some of them.

One of them not so much,

yum install php71-php-pear php71-php-pecl-mongo php71u-cli php71u-mysqlnd php71-php-devel


No package php71-php-pear available.
No package php71-php-pecl-mongo available.
No package php71u-cli available.
No package php71u-mysqlnd available.
No package php71-php-devel available.

A yum search of something even similar reveals no such packages.


We’ve updated our manual installation documentation: Manual Installation | BillRun Docs


Thank you kindly. Now hopefully I can get it installed locally so I can learn the API on the PBX system without worrying about running costs up on BillRun Cloud.