Deafult UserName and Password

Dear Team,

I have used Docker Installation on Ubuntu and all went well, but credentials for web GUI aren’t working, I have tried admin and 1234567.
Please advise how can I get those credentials?

Best Regards
Ramana Ulsa

Hi Voipoffice,

Thank you for reaching out.
You’ve written you tried the password 1234567.
Please note the default password is 12345678.
Can you please try again and see if you are able to log in?


Dear Alon,

I tried with UN: admin
and password: 12345678,
Still not working.

Best Regards

Dear Alon,

it’s still not working any suggestion please?

Best Regards

Dear Voipoffice,

Can you please send logs for when you attempt to log in?
I would like to see if there are any errors.


Sure Alon,
I will get you the logs from LXC Container.