Docker - input processors directory

hi all, I have installed the docker image to test. and I wanna know where is the directory for all processor files. I mean… imagine that I will configure the application to receive CDR constantly (every minute) where they will be stored

You do that via API, and should be stored in the database

I thought it is stored in the directory… at this page “Scheduled Tasks | BillRun Docs” I found the crontab configs… and I wasn’t able to find the directory "/tmp/billrun_all_***** " inside/outside the docker image and the same info I found here… Usage | BillRun Docs

for Receiver and Processor where the files will be stored? I know that after the processor runs everything must be stored inside the DB, but and until that?

The receiver is download the files in ftp or sftp and it will be located under <BILLRUN_ROOT>/shared//workspace folder (workspace).
The processor will pick the file and process it to the DB. After it he will back it up under <BILLRUN_ROOT>/shared//backups/.