Is BillRun still actively being developed?

I see there hasn’t been any commit’s into the master branch in the past year. Are the original project developers still active on this community board?

It’s hard to say. I have seen some open source project go without any updates for three or more years, and all of a sudden a new version is out.

I have not seen anybody post, or respond to anything on here in a long while. Perhaps three years?

@KNERD Yeah, despite no commits to master branch, I see they are all constantly pushing commits to other branches in the project. They’re definitely working on it.

Do you use BillRun yourself?

I don’t use it. While it has a lot of good stuff in it, it does not do what I wanted a billing system to do. That is cut off the service because of non-payment.

That definitely can be a limiting factor.

I read that it already does realtime billing using API JSON objects and support outbound API, building a realtime service cutoff flow should be possible on top of that flow.

I just installed a BillRun instance last night to see how it supports postpaid subscriber count and CDR based billing. Someone suggested it in the FusionPBX forum. Still trying to understand all its in-outs. Must say a bit complicated to use and lack a few basic features on the UI.

No swagger for API’s either


The project is active. We are nowdays working on PHP8 and MongoDB 5/6/7 compatibility.
It should be ready until end of this year; then we will update the master branch.