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I have just set up a new manual install of BR on a digital Ocean droplet ubuntu 20.04. Reading the install instructions, the u/n and default pass is admin with pass 12345678 - except this does not work. Checking the database I can see the admin user is present:

“_id” : ObjectId(“633ede1dc13d7c09c60becbe”), “username” : “admin”, “password” : “$2y$10$qCd1BvxMFyHULGL23x1XVu/B/0o9afab/zPdNzmfPZlz.7L1u6GU6”, “roles” : [ “read”, “write”, “admin” ],

Is there any way of resetting the default user? Is this hash correct for 12345678



You can look in the code to see how the hashed it. But if it is salted, no way to tell

For MD5, I am seeing


and sha1:


Hi, did you ever get this to work?? Having the same issue here.

Dead project. Try Sipwise

Please refer Not able to login with default login credentials - #4 by ketan

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